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      I ordered a pair of Windsor Smith boots and paid 180 dollars for them. It has been 2 weeks and my order status still says pending. I received a pair of shoes completely different to what i had ordered…

      Anonymous OLIVIA Posted:2 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      Was under the impression that this product was free except for shipping of 4.95 but was charged 134.22 only 5 days after receiving the product. This is a scam!!!

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:2 hours ago 3 Related Reports
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      MC Media Mailers

      I received a Mailpiece in the mail stating one could make money stuffing envelopes. They said they would pay $1.00 for each envelope stuffed. They also said they would supply all envelopes, stamps and…

      Anonymous Barbara Posted:3 hours ago 12 Related Reports
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      I had ordered a free sample of erase/repair HA. All I had to pay for was shipping. Which was $4.95. Once I got all done with that, at the end of the order receipt was the fine print. It said by me ord…

      Anonymous james Posted:5 hours ago 5 Related Reports
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      I paid and received the confirmation number that I order a few pairs of shoes but never received them and I tried to contact them email them and never heard back they just stole our money !

      Anonymous Yvonne Posted:6 hours ago 9 Related Reports
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      Someone calld from MyPhoneSupport.com and told me taht we get signal about your computer . We can fix it . It was unknown number . He said He can coem and fix my computer which has hardware isuue for…

      Anonymous magie Posted:8 hours ago 16 Related Reports
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      PGE garcinia4U

      My credit card has been charged $86.94 for January and Feb, 2017. I have contacted the company at 800-5211055 to request shipments stopped, the message on their phone says I no longer have an account…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:9 hours ago 1 Related Reports

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